JUN/2012 – Launched Korea Universal passenger chartering service.
APR/2010 – Established UFC Logistics (closed ATE Universal Freight)
APR/2004 – Appointed as a passenger GSA of Bangkok Airways, and entered the passenger market in full scale.
JAN/2003 – Established JWJ Logistics, and began chemical logistics services and appointed as a VOTG ISO container agency.
MAR/1998 – Appointed as a Pakistan Int’l Airlines GSA and the entered the airline GSA market.
DEC/1996 – Established a joint venture with ATE Logistics Group in the U.S. (ATE Universal Freight) and entered the logistics service in full scale.
NOV/1987 – Korea Universal Marine began freight forwarding business.
JUN/1986 – Established Hyophwa Enterprise and began port operation.
JUL/1983 – Established Korea Universal Marine, and became a shipping line agency and port of Metro Vancouver.
DEC/1980 – Korea Universal began shipping line agency services.
APR/1980 – Established Korea Universal Co., Ltd. and began shipping charter business.